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"Mr. Magri, you have used top quality wood: walnut, cherry, pear and maple have beautiful veins.
You have created the right look, although this is new parquet flooring.
You have to plane it by hand as the old parquet flooring layers did, you have to stain it and hot wax it
until it takes on that old patina 18th century parquet flooring."

Arch. Renzo Mongiardino

piedini bimba su pavimento in parquetMagri Parquet is an antique handicraft experience, characterized by knowledge and pleasure for the beauty of wood, born as a result of many years of training.
We started to work in Bergamo in 1982, after learning the secrets of the trade as part of an apprenticeship lasting over fifteen years.

Our meeting with Arch. Mongiardino was fundamental. He was the greatest interior designer of the 20th century and the undisputed master of trompe l'oeil effects, leading us to rediscover the old technique of hand planing, rag staining and hot waxing.

Magri Parquet activity started in a garage and now, thanks to the passion for wood handed down from father to son, has a workshop with carpentry, a storehouse, and a 250 sqm showroom too, all dedicated to wood flooring.
lamatura a mano The professionalism and great passion that Magri Parquet acquired in working to design and create marquetry, led us to create exclusive parquet flooring in villas and domes both in Italy and abroad, working together with architects of international standing.
Magri Parquet is part of the Italian Center of Excellence in Abu Dhabi, a selection of the best Italian artisan companies that have succeeded in combining mastery and handicraft in working their materials to achieve a high level of technology.

We offer all our experience and mastery in order to make every wood floor truly unique and to realize all customers desires and requirements, both for the color and the processing.

Magri Parquet's mission is, in fact, to create original parquet flooring for every environment, tring to contribute, with our work, to the creation of an unique atmosphere in every home.
This is our final purpose: to create exclusive and high quality wood floors that make our very particular customers feel satisfied.



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