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Wood floors laying

Wood floor, for its unique characteristics, is a very important detail to make pleasant and comfortable the house atmosphere. Passing from a light wood floor, with a bright and modern effect, to a warm and elegant wood floor, with a natural or looked old wood, to chose the parquet that better coincides with our desires will be a fascinating experience.
Magri Parquet's staff uses meticulous and rigorous contrivances in the wood floor laying and for an excellent finishing: starting from the humidity check and floor compactness, passing through the used material check, until the use of complementary and finishing products adequate for your parquet.
Magri Parquet employs certificates wood floors, according with the rules in this field, in order to create an healthy environment, free from noxious emissions generated by wood or by the products used to realize it.

Laying of rolled wood floors and vinyl floors

During last years it has been developped a new type of material to cover the old floor: the vinyl. It guarantees a sensation, both to the touch than to the view, like the real parquet.
This type of product allows to renove places, creating modern decorations, but classics too. Immediately the new floor will be avalaible and it will can be used for office and shops
The laying, realized by Magri Parquet, takes place through the combinations of planks' fixed joints and can be done directly on floors that already exist. In both cases it is used the floating laying, without glues.
In presence of floor heating, the coexistence it isn't a problem. In caso oh humidity, the vinyl floor VLC is an excellent substitute to the rolled floor, having a smaller thickness and an extreme resistance, being a rubbery material that has not consequence also in case of water leak.

Skirting-board laying

Magri Parquet occupies itself with skirting-board laying: the cherry on top that completes the parquet. A little detail that changes the place, in spite of the reduced importance from visual level.
The skirting-board, based on color and height, strengthens the concept express by the wood, persevering on the style that it wants to give on the place. It can be accompanied also to window and door frames, continuing the color's shade and separating from wood floor, in order to guarantee a pleasant contrast with the parquet
Skirting-board laying, realized by Magri Parquet, happen through the emplyment of glue and little nail for a solid fixing to the wall.

Wood floors repairing

One of the parquet's advantage is the possibility to regenerate and renovate it infinite times. Also in case of wood floor's part seriously damaged, Magri Parquet is able to repair the parquet, taking it back to its original beauty with the opportunity to insert new decorative elements.
If you do not remember or know the wood type of your parquet, no problem: the experts of Magri Parquet are able to recognise the essence and to find the same material in order to substitute and repair your parquet.

Wood floors smoothing

Smoothing is a traditional technique employed, by Magri Parquet too, in order to renovate the spoilt parquet, because the manpower stands out the wood floor's quality loses through the years as wear and tear consequence. 
Smoothing consists in the complete removing, through the use of specific machineries, of surface parquet level where are present spots, bruises and scratches. When wood has been taken back to its rough shape, we start with the stuccoing of possible cracks between listels. At the end we finish with the painting, in order to have a perfect wood floor as just laid.
Another procedure, made by Magri Parquet, is the whitening, that allows to lighten wood, removing natural oxidation main cause of its darkeness in the years.
The whitening of parquet happens after smoothing and before painting through the employ, by Magri Parquet, of eco-friendly water based products, to substitute the old solvent washing technologies, more noxious.

Decking laying and upkeep

The outdoor wood floorings realized by Magri Parquet, allow to expand the indoor house armony, thanks to the offering of differents woods: classic and precious Teak (FCS certified) and Ipè, both beautiful and resistant essences.
In order to have a characteristic, original, personalized final result with a grat visual impact, there is the possibility to use pre-assemled quadrotte, of different dimensions, joint laid
If you want a practical and resistant decking, that is not subject to colour variations and do not move away from real wood , WPC is that Magri Parquet proposes as alternative. This material is realized with a mixture of polymers and woodies fibres that do not need neither of oiling nor to be glued.
When beautiful season arrives, Magri Parquet provides also to the upkeepig decking service and to a complete protective treatment in order to reborn the wood, faded it  through the winter.

Staircase covering

As a tailor creates and sews a made-to-measure clothe, at the same way Magri Parquet, with its expertise, realized a staircase covering. Beginning from the style and details choice, we then create in work the basting, to conclude with handmade finishing of each element.
Realization of staircase in wood happens in the observance of each single costumer's request: from the shape, to the material choise and to the style to follow, modern or traditional.
Magri Parquet takes care a lot the datails because it belives that they give personality to its realizations.

Floating platforms

Floating floorings laid by Magri Parquet allow to create floor, without invasive intervention on the surfaces on which they are positioned.
Floating floorings are an important element in the creation of outdoor or indoor space and they answer to certain technicals requirements, as:
- installation in historical centers
- seasonal concessions
- temporary authorizations, connected with specific events
- flooring presence where it is not allowed any fixing intervent
The floating floorings of Magri Parquet give an absolute sturdiness guarantee and they allow to realize floorongs perfectly to the level, also wiht the presence of unders levels very uneven or of discontinuous slopes.


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