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The final touch on the wood floor layed down.

The emerging of the soul and the matter is possible thanks to procedures as: hand planning and smoothing, brushing, and all the operations of rag staining and hot waxing with natural waxes and pigments.
Techniques that in Magri Parquet has been passed from father to son, but, since the arrival of machines and prefinished woods, used less and less.
Tiring, wearing procedures, but the only ones that restore to the worked surface an antique taste and, for this reason used by Magri Parquet in its finishing works also today.

Oiled wood floor, waxed wood floor, natural wood floor, varnished wood floor, these are the finishing and protective touch that Magri Parquet combines to all of processing levels: brushing, hand planing, spot-facing and sand-blasting
These finishings will keep a wood floor resistant for a long time by a simple maintenance operation and by the utilization of effective products of cleaning.



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