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It would be a great shame to lose the work of great masters of marquetry.

Recovering and restoring their work means continuing their work and making them immortal. By restoring splendour to masterpieces sometimes hidden under other floors, Magri Parquet recreates unique unrepeatable atmospheres and sensations.

Wood lives with us, accompaning for all life and longer. Sometimes, the parquet laid under our feet has lived with days and nights of our fathers, grandfathers, and of the peaple who have made the history of our family before us. 
Restoring an ancient parquet assumes so an emotional value, allowing to conserve in the same house the lifes before the ours.

When Magri Parquet works on ancient flooring, it needs to proceed with great care: we begin by cutting the thin layers that secure the panels to the floor suraface. We remove the panels and then take away the residue glue of the superimposed flooring (moquettes, lino, etc.) in our workshop, taking great care not to ruin the old patina. The marquetry is finally revealed, as old treasures concealed by lack human care. We use old sheets to restore the missing parts. At the end, polishing the flooring with natural wax concludes the difficult, but fascinating, resoration work.



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